2oz. Synthetic Doe Urine
2oz. Synthetic Doe Urine

2oz. Synthetic Doe Urine

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Are You Hunting in a State Were only Synthetics are Legal? Good News We Have You Covered, Why not Let our synthetic DOE URINE Heat up your Hunt this season. Buck Creek Scents Doe Urine Creates a strong Sexual Attraction by Stimulating the Natural Smell of a Doe. Use in a Mock, Natural Scrape or on a Scent wick up wind from a bedding or Feeding area. Can also be used in a scrape Dripper, Scent Drag etc. 

  • Made Here on Our Farm to Replicate the Natural Smell of a  Doe
  • Creates a strong Sexual Attractant 
  • Synthetic Doe Urine 
  • Our Formula is not Diluted
  • Scent Drags - Scent Wicks
  • Early Season - Pre-Rut - Rut 
  • WARNING do NOT put on your clothing or boots as could result in Death or serious Injury