2oz. Dominant Buck Urine
2oz. Dominant Buck Urine

2oz. Dominant Buck Urine

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Are You Tired of wasting Your Hard earned Money on old Buck Urine from Box stores? 100% PURE Dominant Buck Urine Straight From the Deer into the Bottle. We Collect Dominant Buck Urine here on Our CWD CERTIFIED FREE Farm From Tame Mature Bucks, Studies Have Shown Calm Bucks Produce the most consistent High Quality Buck Urine. Let other Mature Breeding bucks know they have a new Boss To contend with in there territory. Surveys have shown up to 80% of Mature Bucks that respond to your Rattling or Grunting without the use of a Scent attractant to zero in on will detect You an Slip away before you see them.

  • 100% Pure Urine NO Additives added.
  • Use in PRE-RUT & RUT 
  • Use in Natural scrapes, Mock scrapes 
  • Scent Drags, scent wicks.