DISCOVERY Scent Elimination Spray 24oz.
DISCOVERY Scent Elimination Spray 24oz.

DISCOVERY Scent Elimination Spray 24oz.

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DISCOVERY Spray is a unique scent elimination spray that can help you go undetected LIKE NEVER BEFORE!  Natural as the wind and the colors of autumn, this product has proven, when used with Discovery Bow-hunter's Soap/shampoo, to eliminate, or erase, human scent to nearly ZERO and let you become just another part of the surrounding habitat.   

  • Spray down well before heading to the field, giving special attention to head, neck, underarms, hands & other easy sweat areas, and boots.
  • Then with our pocket size (2 oz.) sprayer, touch up / respray every 3-4 hours hrs as needed.
  • Product may also be poured onto unscented wipes for extra in-the-field cleanup.
  • AFTER THE HUNT; Spray boots inside and out, then store in boot bag or unscented (and washed) garbage bag. Leave top of boots exposed so inside can air out and dry while outside remains clean an protected.         
  • Get as clean as possible, using Discovery Bow-hunter's Soap/shampoo, then spray down well with Discovery spray!                       
  • This product was formulated by a dedicated Outdoors man, adamant about GETTING AROUND THAT UNBELIEVABLE NOSE OF THE WHITETAIL ( and other big game Animals).
  • It is the result of more than 15 yrs. of Extreme desire, Dedication, Research and Testing.