2oz. Doe in Estrous
2oz. Doe in Estrous

2oz. Doe in Estrous

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Do You want to Bring in That Big Buck you Have been Watching All Summer ? Imagine you are Sitting in your Favorite Deer Stand over Looking a lush Clover plot, out walks your Big target Buck. He then wanders around checks a few Does. Your Excited, Adrenaline Pumped! The Big Bruiser trots Over Smack Dab in your DOE IN ESTROUS, he catches the Scent Draft, whirls around comes charging in slows to a stop Broad side at 30 yards,  your already at full drawn “Thwack” You Smoked Him! Excited you call your buddy. Grab A few Bottles Sit Back an enjoy the Hunt, don’t forget to send us your Exciting Hunt photos an Stories We Love them! 

  • Our Doe in Estrous is Collected here on our CWD CERTIFIED FREE Farm twice a day to ensure You Quality Fresh Urine. 
  • We only collect in the peak 4 hours of a Doe’s Estrous cycle to Ensure you Get the Best Bang for your Buck!
  • We Do Not add Preservatives or Additives it is 100% FRESH Directly from our deer to You. 
  • We do NOT Collect multiple Deer at a time. We only collect 1 at a time  1 Deer = 1 bottle. 
  • We As Hunters Actually USE ALL OUR Products